Rivers CEO Roundtable 2016

Theme: Creating Wealth Through Agriculture, Entertainment, Technology and Tourism while Developing Housing & Infrastructure for a Megacity.


July 26-27 2016
10am daily




The CEO Roundtable is a gathering of CEOs of companies and organisations that are driving business, industry and commerce in Rivers State. The gathering affords personal networking opportunities amongst CEOs, aimed at strengthening business to business relations for companies operating in Rivers state; promoting mutual cooperation and synergies amongst businesses that are complimentary to each other; and providing a platform to further social connections amongst leaders of the industry. The vision of the CEO Roundtable is to generate more cooperation between businesses; bring about more commerce, with the understanding that more commerce will improve the social economic development of the state.

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About PH Microscope

Since June 2013, PH Microscope has been at the forefront of responsible metro journalism, publishing a tabloid every two weeks with a focus on Rivers State and its businesses, personalities, government, events etc.

The news publication is the highest in circulation in this part of the country with a circulation of about 15,000 copies per edition. These copies are distributed freely to the readership all over with a network of drop-off points and vendor positions.

The decision to make this news publication available to readers free is because of the belief that information should not be paid for twice. If the advertiser or the content providers have paid for the information to be disseminated, then we should not have charge the readers for reading the information.

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This is the biggest events so far in the Southern Part of Nigeria, and amongst events nationally, this is one of the biggest. We invite sponsors and partners to work with us to make this event the most memorable and beneficial so far for Riverians.

Opportunities exists for your brand to get the most mileage out of your partnership effort. Please speak to our Partnership Advisers for more information.

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